Striving to recycle & repurpose old pieces into something new

Everyone’s jewellery tells a story! through barjou I am to work collaboratively with YOU my customers as well as recycle what is essentially rubbish into something beautiful.I myself find jewellery to be very personal to each individual, each has their own style, colour, shape and size that appeals only to them. Jewellery is a way to express your own personality as well as individuality. This is the baseline of barjou as each piece I create is completely different and inspired by the beautiful sites that surround me living on the northern beaches of Sydney. Each pearl, piece of sea glass and shell is made just like us and are entirely different to one another making no jewellery the same. Each piece I make in a way is made for someone and only that someone, the jewellery is not mass produced in a factory or made perfect but instead created by me in my little studio. Working together and with nature to build jewellery is something I find very rewarding and something I have a lot of passion for! Love Bailey

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